Take the revolutionary Club Zing wicket system to your club! 

Tired of being just like every other club?

For a long time Zing has wanted to improve amateur cricket in the same way that we do with professional cricket. 

Following a six year engineering adventure, Zing is excited to announce Club Zing. A flashing wicket system for amateur cricket that is as bright as the TV system, with more LEDs, and flashing in 360 degrees.

Cutting edge technology that makes players feel like they're the pros

Designing the Club Zing system has been much more challenging than the TV system. For clubs and schools we’ve had to design a system robust enough to withstand 160km/h deliveries without having the luxury of regularly refurbishing the equipment at Zing's workshop. While at the same time being able to manufacture at a cost to allow a price which adds value to clubs and schools

This engineering journey led to the development of more cutting edge Zing technology, with the creation of a transparent stump and bail design with a patented composite layered cylindrical structure that protects internal electronics and batteries under extreme and repeated impact.

Another key outcome of this R and D was the creation of bails and stumps, at this price point, that emit as much light as the TV Zings. One Club Zing wicket emits over 1250 lumens of light. A powerful LED flashlight just 100 lumens, which makes the Club Zings highly impactful in maximum sunlight.

Don't just look like the pros,  deliver a profit to your club

Yes, Club Zing provides you with a revenue opportunity! Our clients are putting together and selling sponsorship of the Club Zings to a local business or supporter, allowing them the rights to place a logo or branding on the Club Zing Stumps.

The Zing team comprises experts experienced in developing and sourcing sponsorship opportunities in cricket. Get in touch if you would like us to assist and provide you with a generic Club Zing
sponsorship proposal to make it easy to professionally approach prospective sponsors.

Light up your pitch

A Club Zing kit includes Zing bails and stumps for both ends of the pitch and all associated items.
We can provide the gear for one end, both ends, or multiple kits. We can even provide wickets with magnetic bases for hard wicket/adjustable length pitches.

You can also have logos of your choice on your Zing stumps. We can arrange the production of these stickers, or we can provide you with a free template to do it yourself. 

With the same qualities of the TV system, Club Zing will;
1. Increase the entertainment and motivation of players.
2. Make matches look like those on TV.
3. Enable square-leg umps to get twice as many close decisions correct

4. Attract new players to your club/school.
5. Entertain and attract spectators.

However, the biggest benefit at this time may be to make a profit for your club or school. This exciting and attention grabbing technology delivers an additional sponsorship opportunity for
Clubs and Schools to sell to prospective sponsors.

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Offered on Subscription - a Better Way for your Club

Zings core values are; innovation, delivery and fun. So Club Zing is delivered in an innovative manner; subscription. This means:

1. Replacements for broken parts sent out immediately.
2. Upgrades to the system as they are developed.
3. Lower up-front financial commitment.

For less than the cost of a cricket bat each season, Zing confidently shoulders the responsibility of making this innovative model beneficial to all.

We can deliver to you in a matter of days. You'll never have a boring cricket game again

If other clubs see your Zings and sign up, you receive bonus Zings credit towards a second set!

Engage a local business to cover the cost of the Zings and make your club the most innovative out there

A Sponsor's Dream

  • They're associated with cutting edge technology 
    The Zings have revolutionised cricket, being the first of many innovations to bring cricket into the 21st century. No longer so sponsors have to settle for small logos on a shirt. Now they can be the ones to help make your club the most innovative around.
  • They're right in the centre of the action
    You can't watch the game without seeing the stumps! And every time something exciting happens, their brand will be front and centre. With any picture of the game or highlight video, your sponsor will be prominent, resulting in social media, local press and on ground exposure.
  • The club won't forget
    And nor will the community. The players will remember who the sponsor was that brought the excitement to their club. They don't remember whose logo was on their back!

So, you're losing juniors and struggling to engage the local community?

We know. It's all too common. We encounter this all the time. Local kids will start out in the juniors - and sure, some of them will get to Under 14s. And a few might even get to seniors. But far too many are giving up. They're choosing to stay on the couch and enjoy the excitement of their computers. Gone are the days where young George makes his first 50 at the ground his dad made his at. And his dad's dad. And gone are the days where George's grandad's local business sponsors the club to help young George get the best coaching possible.

The solution: THE CLUB ZINGS

But we've got the solution. Excitement with a side of Vitamin D. A way to make your kids feel like they're on the TV instead of watching one. A way of keeping the community engaged with your club and unlocking sponsor revenue. And it might not even cost you a cent.

  1. 1
    As bright as the TV system. The Club Zings emit 1750 lumens of light. Your average flashlight is 100. Light or dark, they stand out
  2. 2
    Retailed on subscription, so you never have to worry about downtime
  3. 3
    Easy to brand with a sponsor's name to increase their exposure
  4. 4
    Guaranteed to keep your juniors playing longer

What People Are Saying About The Zings

"Zing have been a great company to deal with"

"Zing have been a great company to deal with. Any questions asked were explained and answered quickly. Once ordered, the kit was sent the next business day and arrived quickly for us to use.

They were a great talking point at the first game and even the opposition players couldn't believe they were using the Zing Stumps and Bails. The kids are super excited to get their turn to use the stumps and it has created a buzz among the junior ranks."

Brad Todd
Secretary - Deniliquin Rhinos, Australia

"We got exactly what we needed for our competition"

"Zing have been amazing to deal with. The service has been first class. We got exactly what we needed for our competition and our sponsors. Luke kept us up to date during the process and followed up after delivery.

The Zings add an amazing element to our new lights and competition."

Mark Malone
President - Cairns Cricket Association, Australia

"We think local cricket suffers from an image problem"

“We ordered the Zing Stumps for our juniors as we believe that how kids take part should be as close as possible to how they see cricket on TV. A 'be like what you see' philosophy. We also use coloured kit and a coloured ball for juniors. We think local cricket suffers from an image problem and struggles to market itself to young kids.

Zing stumps have been a big part of this philosophy and we could not be more happy with how they turned out. They are very bright, work every time, and often give a surprise to the opposition when they realise that the stumps light up"

William Belford
Director of Development - Holywood Cricket Club, Northern Ireland

Are you ready to take your club to the next level?

So, are you ready to take your club to the next level, increase sponsor engagement and keep juniors playing cricket? Get the Club Zings now. And we're so confident you club will love them, we'll give you a 28 day money back guarantee. No questions asked! 

We offer the system on a flexible subscription package - either AUD $350/£195 for one year, or pay for three years upfront for $690/£390

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

What people are saying about the system

"The battery charger is a light show in itself!"

"The stumps turned up yesterday. Very fast service!!

They look sensational. Just the battery charger is a light show in itself!"

Mick Sevil
President - Quirindi District Cricket Association

"For us old fellas, the Zings were a revelation"

"Zing was great to deal with, especially when we were having issues with payment. They other teams keep coming to us wanting to use them again, and for us old fellas, the Zings were a revelation and a true WOW factor. Everyone wants to see them light up"

Greg Kellett
President - Tamworth Veterans Cricket
Bronte Eckermann

Creator of the Zing Wickets

David Ligertwood

Former County Cricketer & Player Agent

How Zing came to be

We are the inventors and makers of the electronic flashing wicket system that you'd have seen on TV in virtually all white ball cricket globally, from the ICC Cricket World Cup to the Caribbean Premier League.

Zing arrived when Adelaide based inventor Bronte Eckermann had the inspiration of flashing bails in a dream. He connected with one of cricket’s pre-eminent entrepreneurs, former first class cricketer and player agent David Ligertwood, and …. Zing!

Zing began with purpose of making cricket better, and since its inception, has materially improved cricket by making it more entertaining in stadiums and on TV while simultaneously ensuring close run outs and stumpings are adjudicated precisely and quickly. Now you can bring this entertainment to your club with wickets designed for your club by the same people who designed the ones on TV!

We know you've got some questions

It's a big purchase, so it's natural to have some doubts! $690 for three years is significant! So we hope we can remove some of those worries. We offer a 28 day 'no questions asked' returns policy, so your club has the comfort of knowing if it doesn't live up to your expectations, you're protected. And we've never had a club take us up on that. Yep. Not one club has returned the system. We guarantee satisfaction, and we're confident you'll get it. Many clubs have had success with the system as an investment, not a cost. They find they receive a return on their $690 through increased junior participation, higher attendance at games (and bar revenue!), but mainly, an additional and innovative way to engage local sponsors. Some clubs have even made a profit through the sponsorship rights. And we can help you engage a sponsor. We commissioned a 20 page presentation, valued at $1,000, that you can tailor to your club with very little effort and distribute to potential sponsors to help them see the value.

But what if something breaks? 

It's a natural fear. A 156 gram leather ball hurled at 130 kilometres per hour at some electronics? But that's the beauty of our engineering. It stands up. That's why we offer the system on subscription - it gives you the peace of mind that you'll never have any downtime, and it's us putting our money where our mouth is - if there is a breakage, Zing pays for the replacement part and the express courier to get it to you. That's how confident we are in the design. Clubs have even mentioned to us that they found wooden stumps and bails broke relatively frequently on impact and were costly to replace. For the life of your subscription, you will never have a replacement cost.

Benefits of Club Zing

  • Higher participation and retention rates among juniors, who love the excitement of playing like the pros
  • Additional sponsor engagement and revenue. Make a profit for your club
  • Gives the seniors an added boost and excitement to their games
  • Umpiring decisions within 30cm of the line proven to be 95% more correct
  • Show your club as the most innovative around. Why would somebody play for/support the club next door anymore?


  • An upfront investment of $690
  • You can't just bowl at them...you might get bowled too!
  • The umpire won't give you benefit of the doubt with runouts anymore
  • A little bit more legwork to charge them. But you can get the kids to do that, right?

What you'll get if you subscribe today

  • A 3 year subscription upfront for $690, or $350 for an annual subscription. This is below cost for us, so it will never be cheaper
  • Replacement of any faulty/broken parts
  • Access to upgrades to the system as we develop them
  • Express shipping with next day despatch
  • Access to our sponsor sourcing presentation to give your club the best chance of securing a stumps sponsor

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If for any reason you are not as impressed by the system as we think you will be within a month, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt, no questions asked, refund.

Get in touch with any questions

P.S.: We only have 37 kits remaining in our warehouse and eligible for this special, below cost price. After these are sold, the price will go up. So don't miss out!

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