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You see our Zings in TV Cricket all the time.Now get our Zings and transform your Club/School matches to look like TV Cricket.

Watch the video below to see how dramatic the transformation is…

Club Zings are designed for maximum performance in club and school cricket.

Bright in daylight… brighter than the TV Zings.

Guaranteed free parts replacement.

Impact rated to 160km/hr with hard cricket balls.

So, do you want to make your matches look and feel as exciting and professional as those on TV?

For both your juniors and seniors?Do you want everyone to love playing cricket for your club/school?

Do you want to pay what is by far the lowest price Zing will ever offer for this system?

In fact, it is well below cost price because…

Zing has been part sponsoring clubs and schools during COVID to do what it can to help cricket.

This initiative has ended, but with the effects of COVID still being felt in club cricket we are transitioning by offering

a limited number of 50% discount tokens below, until all gone, you will be able to secure one.

If you are lucky enough to secure one, it means the same lowest ever price.And do you want assistance finding a Club Zing sponsor to pay for the system

(so you can even make a profit)?

If so, you’re in luck.Club Zing can today deliver you all of the above.

This page contains, in detail, all you need to know to decidewhether Club Zing is right for your club or school. Better still, the system comes with a money back guarantee,so you can effectively trial the system for free.

Even if your mind is made up and you want the Zings,we recommend you still take the few minutes to read this page.You’ll be surprised at some of the less obvious benefits of the systemplus how to make it a no-brainer financially. We realise that clubs and schools rightly scrutinise every dollar/pound spent. Sotaking these few minutes will prepare you well for getting everyone on board internallyprior to the system arriving. Once it arrives and every one sees the Zings explode, don’t worry,everyone will get on board then!!! But if you do want to go straight to ordering a set… you can do so now.

Be quick and get a 50% Discount Token to pay even less than the prices listed below.

Valid for 21 days

You may not realise we are the same small Adelaide business that launched TV Zings 10 years agowhich have made TV cricket significantly more entertaining.

As Damien Fleming of Channel 7 regularly enthuses:“The Zing bails are flying”

…and as said by Nasser Hussain of Sky Sports:“The Zings are the best cricket technology”.

You may not realise Zing is the only legal seller of flashing stumps and bails throughout the cricket world. We have patent protection of our invention.

Watch the video below to see how awesome the TV Zings look, and how crucial they are for close run out decisions.

As put by a couple of cricketing greats…

“Brilliant” – Shaun Pollock, South Africa

“Awesome” – Adam Gilchrist, Australia

The TV Zings have an ultra high speed dual spigot sensor system and intelligent top down system design, required for broadcast TV. Not surprisingly, this system costs events thousands for EVERY match. 

Excitingly, Zing has recently developed theClub Zing version of the Zings which isaffordable for Clubs and Schools.

We manufacture these to our exacting standards in Adelaide.

The really exciting development is that the Club Zings have all of the non broadcast related benefits and features of the TV Zings. With Club Zings there is no compromise to intensity of light output or durability.In fact, the Club Zings emit as much light as the TV Zings and flash in 360 degrees. In addition, the Club Zings are more durable than the TV Zings.This may sound surprising, as international bowlers regularly hit them at 150km/h plus, but we refurbish TV Zings after each series, which isn’t practical with the Club Zings.

So we need to be able to guarantee that if a part breaks (which is rare), Zing will provide a replacement as part of the membership.

More on how Club Zing’s innovative membership works below.

Given the hi-tech specification of the Club Zing system, it is no surprise it required a 4 year engineering mission to develop it. This is significantly longer than it took us to develop our ground-breaking TV Zings.

Central to this mission was making a product that is:

  • Virtually indestructible
  • Looks at least as good as the TV Zings in the flesh 
  • Affordable for everyday Clubs and Schools.

Now that we’ve achieved this, we’re able to send you an affordable Club Zing flashing wicket system for your club or school within 48 hours of order and provide it on a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

All the ins and outs are set out below.To see what you get and how simple it is to operate, have a look at the below video of the Club Zings being set up and used at East Torrens District Cricket Club (a Club Zing member) in Adelaide.

In each kit you get Club Zings for BOTH ends, with all accessories included…

  • 4 x Flashing Zing Stumps.(2 outer stumps for each end).
  • 2 x Zing Middle Stumps.
  • 4 x Flashing Zing Bails.
  • 1 x Bail Charger.
  • 1 x Stump Charger.
  • 1 x Replacement Bail Spigot Kit.
  • 1 x EVA Carry Case with all accessories.

Over 200 Clubs/Schools are already members of Club Zing.

You will hear directly from some of them below.Some elite schools have joined Club Zing and some Premier Cricket Clubs. But most members are everyday community clubs and schools.Please be clear, the Club Zing system is not intended as a cheap and cheerful way of getting the revolution of flashing stumps and bails into your matches. Such a way of doing this may be to buy our Backyard Zing Bails. You can do this at our website for $30.If this is what you want, Club Zing may not be for your club or school.

Club Zing is for Clubs/Schools who are serious about making the cricketing experience for players and all involved as professional, high quality and entertaining as they can.Club Zing is a genuine alternative to the TV Zings. A serious cricket enhancement product.

This was a serious engineering challenge.

After two years of engineering, we had a product that worked great, but still failed after repeated extreme impacts with cricket balls at 160km/h. It needed to be virtually indestructible. 

And this needed to be achieved while keeping the cost of materials, parts and manufacturelow enough to add value to clubs and schools.

Finally, after extreme testing and a series of prototypes and iterations, by the end of 2019 we proved our newcutting edge technology. A transparent stump and bail design with a composite layered cylindrical structurethat protects the internal electronics and batteries under extreme and repeated impact. We were so amazed with the results, we had to patent this general design as well!

In this final design, each indestructible wicketemits over 1250 Lumens.

(A powerful LED flashlight emits only 100!)Making the Club Zing wickets always highly impactful. Even in bright sunlight.

This amazingly impactful nature of the Club Zings, together with their innovative nature and the attention they generate…

…creates a very significant incidental benefit.

Namely, a stump logo sponsor package and the associated additional revenue opportunity.Below we detail how we assist clubs to source these sponsors.

When Bronte Eckermann and David Ligertwood founded Zing, their mission was toincrease the joy of cricket for as many cricket players and fans as possible.

Bronte EckermannWest Torrens District CC.Quintessential cod-ordinary grade cricket batsman and off spinner.Quit cricket at 21yo, found the design industry boring and became an entrepreneur in sports.

David LigertwoodAdelaide University CC, Surrey and Durham County CC. Ex-cricketing lawyer, who got bored being around lawyers and became an entrepreneur in sports.

Cricket is constantly under threat from more accessibleforms of entertainment.

Zing can help quell that threat to your club/school cricket.

We surveyed 100 clubs and schools who areClub Zing members. The reasons for joiningand benefits of the system were very clear.

  • They all wanted to increase the enjoyment, by both juniors and seniors, of playing cricket.
  • So, helping to keep current players and attract new ones.
  • Plus, they all wanted their club to be regarded as forward thinking and across the board be an excellent club/school for cricketers to play at.
  • For most, although not seen as the main benefit of having the system, they now wouldn’t want to go without the improved square leg umpiring decisions.In Zing’s testing of square leg run out decisions, with and without Club Zings being used, we found that for close run out decisions (within a foot), twice as many decisions were adjudicated correctly with Club Zing. This means, in practice, that with the Club Zings you can get close to eliminating the run out and stumping umpiring errors.
  • Some even saw the Zings as a way of attracting spectators to matches. Especially at special fundraising events and the like.

You have read this far, and you probably enjoy what the TV Zings bring to cricket, so you are probablypretty keen to be the person to bring Club Zings to your club/school. But first, all the benefits need to be considered in the context of price. Being cricket people, who have played for and been members of many first-class, club and school teams,we are all too aware that every dollar/pound is king in amateur sport.Every dollar/pound must be spent scrupulously. With maximum value attained.

We 100% guarantee that with Club Zing you will be satisfiedwhen you are delivered this value. See below how we put our money where our mouth is.

As mentioned, the naming and branding ofthe Club Zings becomes a new additionalcommercial right clubs have to sell to a sponsor.

This provides a very real opportunity to make a PROFIT out of this sponsorship.Our current members are taking full advantage of this. See below some examples of their sponsorships.Some clubs and schools are experienced and very competent at securing sponsorship. Others less so.

At Zing we are very experienced in thesponsorship space…

David Ligertwood, Director at Zing, has 25 years experience maximising value from commercial sporting rights.

Guess what? The basic process and principles for generating value from commercial rights in the Indian Premier League applies to club cricket.

So to help all of you (even those of you who don’t join Club Zing today), we’ve created a

FREE highly professional sponsorshipproposal to send straight to potential sponsors.

In only a few minutes, you can easily tailor it to be branded from your club or school.When you click below and join Club Zing, we will send this to you immediately as part of your ‘welcome pack’. 

Stickering Club Zing stumps

with any name and logois a very straightforward process.

Just choose generic stickers or tailored stickers upon ordering. New stickers can easily be provided/affixed in due course.See the below FAQs for the details.Usually clubs/schools want their kit asap, to use to help secure the sponsor. Then print the stickers with sponsor logos on later (either themselves or through Zing).

Of 200 clubs and schools that have joined many have already secured a sponsor.Often making a PROFIT.

Yes, join Club Zing and actually be paid for making cricket better and more enjoyable at your club/school. Pretty cool? Lets hear from some of our members…

Old Boys Collegians CC, New Zealand

Paul “Spoona” Knight, President


Cowdy & Co Ltd.

Finding Cowdy to help support what we’re doing was a no brainer as they were willing to get their branding further out into the Christchurch community. Also the sheer thrill that the club is able to utilise the Zings is an added benefit. It has been one of the great additions to the club. But the fact it didn’t cost the club anything due to our sponsorship is truly win-win.

Montrose CC, Melbourne, Australia

Damien Ford, President


Wonga Park Post Office

We saw an advertisement for the Zing stumps and wondered if there was a way to implement them at our club in a commercially feasible way. We found the Zings such a marketable product. We went out to our community with (a sponsorship) proposal.

We asked for $600 per season and we got that in a heartbeat.

Ok so you want to know the details of thecurrent Club Zing’s special offer?

We have extended  our special “below cost” beyond our first production run of 200 

As things have only just opened up in the UK, with many clubs doing it tough, Zing has extended special pricing 

with a limited number of 50% discount tokens. 

Zing’s mission is to spread the joy!

So the question is… does your club or school currently have less than the cost of a cricket bat available in this year’s budget?Or less than the cost of a few decent cricket balls? One reason the cost is so low per year, is that Zing recognises how Club and School budgets and finances work…

…meaning, Club Zings are offered on aninnovative subscription model.

It is difficult for clubs/schools to find a lump sum. A smaller annual fee, which becomes an annual budgetline item, is much easier to accommodate. This has other benefits too.Zing is all about innovation. In everything we do. Subscription is a better model for Clubs/Schools to get the Club Zings:

  • It gives you piece of mind, if a stump or bail breaks, that we will get a replacement out to you straight away. Incidentally, we are confident this won’t happen, such is the quality of our engineering and testing.You have seen Jofra Archer hit Zing stumps on TV. They don’t break. But we want you to have peace of mind.
  • If you buy a kit on a one-off fee plan, that is the kit you will have for the long term. But Zing continually innovates. On the subscription model, you will have access to upgrades in the system as they are developed.
  • You have the peace of mind knowing that you can always end the subscription at the end of its term having paid only a small fraction of the one-off fee price.
  • As mentioned, subscription avoids a challenging lump sum payment. It is smoothed out over the years. This also makes it easier for a stump logo sponsor to cash flow fund the system for you. Hence easier for you to source.

Club Zing Membership comes with First Class Cricket Service.

The same technical support and logistics that deliver our equipment under pressure for live international TV broadcasts will be your service and shipping team.

For us, it’s not just about the equipment, but about ensuring our customers are always up and running for every single game.  

We’re still providing systems below cost priceto help amateur cricket at this difficult timeso secure one of our 50% discount tokens now and you have 21 days to purchase the kit..

Be quick and get one of our limited 50% discount tokens to pay even less than the prices listed below.

Valid for 21 days

 Very few of our members have paid the higher “Annual Subscription” for 1 year. Only a couple of members have paid the “One-time Payment”.As mentioned above, when you click and order we will immediatelyemail you the free sponsorship sourcing tool we refer to above. In addition, immediately, we will provide you with one email that contains a packin easy digital format you can simply forward to your coach, chairman, head of sport, committeeor treasurer to ensure they are totally on board with your expenditure decision.

They will realise…

…there is a simple no questions asked30 day money back guarantee

…so they too can view the system to sanity check the purchase.

Although the reality is, despite having well over 200 members (yes still an exclusive club), not one has usedthe guarantee to return the kit.You could even use the kit for 30 days and see if you can secure a sponsor with the material we provide. If you are unable to, you have the option of just returning the kit. Once you have processed your quick and secure purchase, all stocked items will leaveour workshop in Port Adelaide within 48 hours, if in stock.If you have any questions you can call Luke (based at Port Adelaide, or come in and see him) anytime.

Be quick and get a 50% Discount Token to pay even less than the prices listed below.

Valid for 21 days

But don’t take our word for it, have a read of

what our members are saying.

If you have any questions you can call Luke (based at Port Adelaide, or come in and see him) anytime.

Mick Sevil

Quirindi Cricket Association

NSW, Australia

The Zing stumps have been sensational this season. The Juniors love the lights which has added much interest for that particular age group. The seniors have seen a 250% increase in numbers this year, not bad given the year we have endured!!

Thank you very much for a wonderful product with an excellent support team. 

Jordan Capel

South Australian Cricket Association, Australia

The addition of Zing stumps has led to several of our competitions improving participant experiences.

There is real excitement around the field when they light up and it also offers umpires support when making decisions.

Players often tell us “it makes us feel like we are playing big bash cricket”.

Greg Kellett

Tamworth Veterans CC

NSW, Australia

Zing was great to deal with, especially when we were having issues with payment. 

The other teams keep coming to us wanting to use them again.

And for us old fellas, the Zings were a revelation and a true WOW factor.

Everyone wants to see them light up

You will see the vast majority are normal community clubs or schools.

Many first class teams and domestic T20 competitions have wanted to use this product.Those televised customers need to use our TV product, at literally thousands of dollars per game, which still amounts to great value for them with net commercial gain.

So if you click below to joinin 45 seconds you will receive:

  • A Club Zing wicket set sent within 48 hours.
  • Membership to Club Zing so all damaged parts are replaced and upgrades provided.
  • Sponsorship sourcing presentation tool.
  • Club Zing digital info pack for easy circulation to others at club/school.
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Club Zing Set includes…

  • 4 Flashing Stumps.
  • 2 Middle Stumps.
  • 4 Flashing Bails.
  • 4 Bail Batteries and 4 Spares.
  • 4 Batteries and 4 Spares.
  • Stump Battery Charger.
  • Bail Battery Charger.
  • 4 Battery Cases.
  • Power Adaptor.
  • 2 USB Power Cables.
  • Spigot Replacement Kit.
  • EVA Carry Case.

Alternatively if you’d like to order over the phone or speak to us at Port Adelaide…

click below or book a quick call in at a time that suits you. Or call +61 8 8440 2495 now. Or drop into our office and production centre in Port Adelaide.

Luke McAlisterAdelaide University CC C1 Grade (Capt.)RH hack across the line, Ave 20.84Right arm ‘in the slot’. Ave 16.60

Likes: Putting some creativity into afternoon tea.Dislikes: 7 blokes bringing crackers instead.

Often our schools call and order over the phone (or email us) as they preferto receive invoices than pay online.

If you aren’t ready to purchase yet, submit your details to receive your 50% discount token, valid for 21 days:

Just in case you have any lingering questionsprior to ordering, we answer those below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Again, if you would like to order over the phone or speak to Luke at Port Adelaideclick below to book a quick call in at a time that suits you or dial +61 8 8440 2495 now.

Or, click below with any questions for Luke

Thanks for your interest in Club Zing.Enjoy your cricket! The team at Zing.

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