You see our Zings in TV Cricket all the time.
Now get our Zings and transform your Club/School matches to look like TV Cricket.

Watch the video below to see how dramatic the transformation is…

Club Zings are designed for maximum performance in club and school cricket.

  • Bright in daylight… brighter than the TV Zings.
  • Guaranteed free parts replacement.
  • Impact rated to 160km/hr with hard cricket balls.

So, do you want to make your matches look and feel as exciting and professional as those on TV?

For both your juniors and seniors? Do you want everyone to love playing cricket for your club/school?

Do you want to pay what is by far the lowest price Zing will ever offer for this system?

In fact, it is well below cost price because… Zing part sponsors clubs and schools during COVID to do what it can to help cricket. And do you want assistance finding a Club Zing sponsor to pay for the system (so you can even make a profit)?

If so, you’re in luck.
Club Zing can today deliver you all of the above.

This page contains, in detail, all you need to know to decide whether Club Zing is right for your club or school.

Better still, the system comes with a money back guarantee, so you can effectively trial the system for free.

Even if your mind is made up and you want the Zings,
we recommend you still take the few minutes to read this page.

You’ll be surprised at some of the less obvious benefits of the system
plus how to make it a no-brainer financially.

We realise that clubs and schools rightly scrutinise every dollar/pound spent. So
taking these few minutes will prepare you well for getting everyone on board internally
prior to the system arriving.

Once it arrives and every one sees the Zings explode, don’t worry,
everyone will get on board then!!!

But if you do want to go straight to ordering a set…

You may not realise we are the same small Adelaide business that launched TV Zings 10 years ago which have made TV cricket significantly more entertaining.

As Damien Fleming of Channel 7 regularly enthuses: “The Zing bails are flying”

…and as said by Nasser Hussain of Sky Sports:
“The Zings are the best cricket technology”.

You may not realise Zing is the only legal seller of flashing stumps and bails throughout the cricket world.
We have patent protection of our invention.

Watch the video below to see how awesome the TV Zings look, and how crucial they are for close run out decisions

As put by a couple of cricketing greats…

“Brilliant” – Shaun Pollock, South Africa

“Awesome” – Adam Gilchrist, Australia

The TV Zings have an ultra high speed dual spigot sensor system and intelligent top down system design, required for broadcast TV. Not surprisingly, this system costs events thousands for EVERY match. 

Excitingly, Zing has recently developed the Club Zing version of the Zings which is affordable for Clubs and Schools. We manufacture these to our exacting standards in Adelaide.

The really exciting development is that the Club Zings have all of the non broadcast related benefits and features of the TV Zings. With Club Zings there is no compromise to intensity of light output or durability.

In fact, not only do the Club Zings emit as much light as the TV Zings but they have more LEDs and flash in 360 degrees. The TV Zings flash only down the sides. In addition, the Club Zings are more durable than the TV Zings.

This may sound surprising, as international bowlers regularly hit them at 150km/h plus, but we refurbish TV Zings after each series, which isn’t practical with the Club Zings. So we need to be able to guarantee that if a part breaks (which is rare), Zing will provide a replacement as part of the membership.

More on how Club Zing’s innovative membership works below.