Once there were bails. Now there are Zings.

We are the inventors and manufacturers of The Zings Patented Electronic Cricket Wicket System seen on televised cricket.

We want to contribute to Cricket by helping make third umpire decisions clear and simple and by enhancing the entertainment factor.

Check out the science of Zings at our Zingology page and our shop where you can buy a range of Zings products.

The hIstory of Zings since 1301

In 1301 Prince Edward II invented cricket. In 1752 Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. In 1835 two women set bails alight to make ashes. In 2009 Zings connected the dots, forever revolutionizing the way run out and stumping decisions are made, consigning bails to ancient history.

We love Cricket

The team at Zing are passionate about cricket. Our aim is to provide innovative technology that enhances the game and maximises the entertainment factor at all levels. But there’s nothing that excites us more than seeing kids getting excited by the game, either in the backyard, at school or at their local club. A 9 year old might have fun sitting inside with an iPad, but when they knock middle peg out of the ground, launching the zings into the air like a Saturn V off a launch pad, that’s exciting for kids and for cricket.

Based in Port Adelaide

Zing International is based in Port Adelaide, where we design, manufacture and build the Zing Wicket System that’s seen around the world on TV. 90% of the Zing System is manufactured in Australia, with 80% being manufactured right here in Port Adelaide and surrounds. Our 3D printing technology has allowed us recently to economically bring manufacture of selected components back to Australia from China.

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