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  • Backyard Zing Bails

    Backyard Zing Bails

    $43.99 AUD including tax

    Includes two Zings that fit any set of stumps, and take 2AAA batteries per Zing.

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  • Backyard Zing Stumps

    Backyard Zing Stumps

    $60.49 AUD including tax

    Includes: 1 flashing stump, 2 stumps, 1 base. Batteries not included.

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  • Backyard Zing Wicket

    Backyard Zing Wicket

    $87.99 AUD including tax

    Includes: 2 flashing bails, 1 flashing stump, 2 regular stumps, 1 base. Batteries are not included.

    Please note: we are out of stock for the Backyard Zing Wicket, so all orders of it will be a set of the backyard zing stumps accompanied by a set of the backyard zing bails. This is the same as the wicket, just in different packaging.

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