Club Zing Troubleshooting Guide

Any electronic fault with a stump or bail.

First ensure your battery is fully charged and is inserted with the orange positive end first.

Try inserting a new fully charged battery into the stump/bail.

Place the original battery in another stump or bail. This will determine whether the fault is with the battery or the stump/bail.

Evidence of damage.

If any item has a rattle or visual damage, such as cracks or any other obvious sign of damage in excess of normal wear and tear, cease using the item and contact us.

Bail or Stump Status LED flashing red and yellow

Inspect the stump/bail and it’s battery for visible damage.

If no damage visible, insert a different fully charged battery and turn on. If the fault indication is still present there is an issue with the stump/bail, so contact us.

If the fault indication does not reappear, there may be an issue with the battery. Remove and cease using the battery and contact us

A stump or bail will not turn on

Check that you have given 3 taps on the tap point (within 1 second) with bail/stump held motionless for a further 1 second. If moved early, the indicator light will flash briefly then turn off. The 3 taps won’t work if the bail/stump is moved while tapping, if a stump is horizontal, or the tap direction is not directly over the indicator light.

Check the battery is inserted with the orange positive end first, is charged and not damaged.

Try inserting another charged battery.

Check that the battery contacts are clean and there are no obstructions in the battery tube.

If the bail/stump still won’t turn on, contact us.

Spigot on a bail has broken

Replace the broken spigot with one of the spare spigots provided in the kit. The replacement spigot clips onto the bail by hand. Make sure you replace a short spigot with short and long with long.

If part of the broken spigot is still attached to the bail and cannot be removed by hand, lever it off using the spigot removal tool provided in the kit. Any other blunt tool like a spoon handle or screw driver will work.

A Stump or Bail does not flash on impact

Check that the bail or stump is turned on.

Check that the bail or stump is arming correctly. Stumps arm automatically when vertical and motionless for three seconds. Bails arm when horizontal and motionless for 3 seconds. When armed the bails and stumps will give a single red flash, and the Status LED will stop flashing and be fully on.

Check for any visible damage to the stump or bail.

If issues detected or the stump/bail still won’t flash upon impact, contact us.

Status LED flashes red when battery inserted

3x red flashes means the battery is flat. Charge the battery and/or insert another fully charged battery.

6x red flashes means that the battery voltage is too high. Ensure only Zing batteries are used – alternative batteries may cause this error. Also ensure the batteries are only charged by a Zing charger – alternative chargers are not suitable and may damage batteries and cause this error.

Stump or bail turns off during the arming flash, or red LEDs are dim

This could indicate a damaged battery, or one that is almost fully discharged. Try a fully charged battery.

If a new battery works, try charging the old battery. Once charged, retry in the stump or bail. If issue continues, remove the damaged battery and contact us.

Battery goes flat too quickly

Stump batteries should last around 17 hours, and bail batteries around 10 hours. Excessive activations or high temperatures can cause the batteries to drain faster. Also, older batteries that have been charged many times may discharge faster.

If one particular battery discharges much faster than expected, try another battery, or try that battery in a different stump or bail.

If problem persists, contact us

A battery is not charging, or the Charge Indicator flashes intermittently on the charger.

Check that the charger is plugged into the power adaptor correctly and that the charger is on.

Check the battery for any visible damage. If the battery has visible damage cease using and contact us.

Try inserting the battery into another charge slot. If this works, there may be a problem with the charger.

Try inserting a different battery into the same slot on the charger. If this works, there may be a problem with the battery.

If the charger is plugged in correctly and the power is on but still won’t charge batteries, contact us

None of the batteries in a charger are charging.

Check that the charger is plugged into the power adaptor correctly and that the charger is on.

If the charger is plugged in correctly and the power is on but still won’t charge batteries, disconnect from the power and contact us.

Charger Battery Charge Indicator displays the fault indication (red/yellow flashing)

Alternate yellow/red flashing indicates an error in that charge slot. This error could indicate an over-temperature condition, so be careful when checking the battery as it could be hot.

If hot, remove the cell from the charger and contact us.

Check for foreign objects in the charge slot, as this error could indicate a short circuit.

Refer to further steps in the section above, “A battery is not charging”